Frequently asked questions

What is the lead time?

Normally, we aim to get your doors made within ten days, although this does vary depending on how many orders we have at any one time.

What sizes are available?

Doors can be made any size you need up to a maximum height of 2350 mm.
Maximum width is 650 mm, so if you have an opening wider than this then our advice would be to use two doors to cover the width.


We cannot provide any painting services at the moment.

The doors are supplied unfinished, sanded, ready to accept any finish you choose.

Different designs?

We have full workshop facilities and if you are looking to match some existing doors or have a particular design in mind we may be able to help.

For example, we have made 4 panel Shaker doors, doors with raised centre panels, doors with moulded edges and doors with mouldings applied to the centre panels for a Victorian house.

Sample Doors?

We can supply a sample door for you to assess the quality and to be sure you are happy with the design.

The size of the sample is 400mm x 300mm.

The price for the sample door is 6 to cover the postage. If you later place an order for more than 50 then the price of the sample will be refunded.

Shaker Doors