How the doors are made

All our doors are made in the traditional way using rails and stiles.
MDF is a good choice for painted doors as it is very stable.
We use moisture resistant MDF so it is suitable for bathrooms too, as long as it is well painted
The doors start out as sheets MDF in either 18 or 22mm thickness which is then cut into strips at the width you want to form the rails and stiles.
We can supply doors of different thicknesses up to 35mm if you need them!
The width of the rails and stiles can be cut to any size required to suit your taste or if you want to match the sizes on any existing doors you may have.
The edges are next sanded to provide a smooth edge ready for painting.
The stiles and rails are then grooved to accept the centre panel.
The corners of each door are then machined to accept a tenon.
The doors are then assembled and placed in a jig to ensure they are straight and square and clamped until the glue sets.
When the glue has set the doors are removed from the jig and all faces of the door are sanded to ensure all the joints are perfectly flush. At this stage all the sharp corners are removed by sanding to ensure a good finish.
Your doors can then be drilled for 35mm concealed hinges to the measurements you specify.
Your doors are then inspected and are ready to be dispatched.

Shaker Doors