Shaker doors for kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes.

We specialise in made to measure unpainted bespoke Shaker doors.

There are no standard sizes so whatever you need can be made to suit your requirements.

We use moisture resistant MDF so it is suituble for bathrooms too.

Our Shaker doors can be used for kitchens, wardrobes or on any cabinets you might want to upgrade.

Paint them any colour that you like! Make them suit whatever colour scheme you have in mind!

Achieve the look you want

If you have been looking at hand painted furniture or kitchens then our products will enable you achieve that very same look yourself at a very reasonable price.

Maybe you prefer the doors to have a specific width for the outer border and we can make these any size you wish.

We can make the larger ones with 4 panels included which are very popular at the moment.

Please take a look at the gallery and see what some of our customers have achieved using our products.

You are welcome to contact us for any specific types of door if you have something special in mind.